About Vir

Veronica Schwegman

I was born in 1986 in the countryside in Italy. My parents had moved from the Netherlands to Emilia Romagna to created an organic-dynamic farm. Thanks to them I grew up walking barefoot in wide fields with the wind in my hair. Often I played alone or with the pets and talked to the plants and animals. The influence of this life close to nature opened the path that I had to walk and that still is evolving.

What I learned since I was young was about freedom, nature and about begin part of something bigger than us. As a kid “higher realms” were not unknown to me. My whole life I had the feeling that the spiritual world for me was more comfortable than the “earthly” things where most people and society focus on. Happenings in my life showed me the importance to ground and to connect more with my surroundings and with being human. 

In my work I have the position to”bring Spirit on earth”. While I teach, the group can make contact with the spiritual world while being in their bodies, moving, meditating or feeling the sound vibration. And I am constantly in connection with society through my classes, workshops and private sessions. It couldn’t have been more beautiful and balancing for me. 

Everyday I am thankful for my work and with the time and life experiences the way I do this work, changes. It is a gift to be able to live in joy and passion, were there is place for both the challenging as the light things. I know that it is possible for everyone. You can make your work from your passion, but you can also, if this is wat you need, invite more passion and joy in your current job and daily life. I happily contribute to that where I can.