Gong, an all-encompassing sound

The vibration of a pure sound that surprises every time and has a healing effect on many layers inside of us.


The sound and origin of gongs

In these days we can easily get overstimulated by input from outside. For many people the work pressure is high, many have not been able to create a lot of time to breathe in their lives. Much is happening and there are many changes everywhere. These times can bring up questions as “what is essential to me?” “What is my place within the whole and how can I contribute?”. The answer to these question usually doesn’t come from thinking, but arises from being in a state where everything that you are is connected and falls into place. 

With sound you can come closer to your natural state of being. If there is tension it can be released by the sounds and you can feel your true self again. Sometimes answers of insights arise from this space. 

The gong is one of the oldest instruments. It is this old that the exact date and place where the first one was made, is not known . Probably the oldest gongs were made 2000bc in Southeast Asia Also the Greek and Romans used gongs. Gong specialist Jens Zygar even said that the first gongs were made 3500bc, in the beginning of the Bronze Age.

Gongs were often used in rituals or to give signals to the people. Now they are also played in classical music concerts and even by rock bands sometimes (Pink Floyd for example). 

Besides the impressive sound, the healing effect of them is honoured and used more and more. 

For me, the gong is one of the greatest gifts in my life. It is a bridge between different dimensions and the earth were we live on. It is a way to share the love and wisdom that I feel inside. Also, it is a way to experience that we are so much more than this body and this person. 

Experiencing the sound of the gong

Gong baths

We often use the word “gong bath” because this sound is all around and can touch everything. As if you are surrounded by a bath of sound, that washes you clean and almost makes you dissolve into it.

Kundalini yoga and gong bath

Kundalini yoga and the sound of the gong are often used as a combination in class, mainly because both of them balance the nervous system. I give workshops were we do kundalini yoga in the first half and in the second half the group is lying down and relaxes into sound, mainly gong. It is often a special and deepening experience. Location and dates gong workshops: Agenda

Ritual and gong bath

We start with a ritual , often a despacho ritual from the shamanism from the Andes in Peru. Intentions, expression of gratefulness, wishes and prayers. We close with a gong bath. These are group session

Private gong bath

For a personal question, a special occasion or a gift for a loved one, you can also book a private gong bath for 1 to 2 persons. Vir hears your wishes and creates moments of reflection and moments of strengthening the themes that are brought to the sessions. This you can also combine with a ritual or shamanic sessions.

Gong bad voor een groep op maat

Do you want to organise a gong bath following your own workshop, for a birthday, wedding or another occasion? Get in touch to talk about it!


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