Kundalini Yoga

A doorway to strength, balance, energy and silence. At all levels inside of you.

Kundalini yoga with Vir at the beach, online or live.

A doorway to strength, balance, energy and silence. At all levels inside of you. 

Your body moves rhythmically on your breath. Thoughts fall into place and after some time your mind becomes more silent. It is as if everything inside has become more open and bright. 

Mantra, movement, breath, meditation. These are all part of a kundalini yoga class. 

Because of the variety of techniques and kriyas, this type of yoga touches many different parts in you. In essence, kundalini yoga invites you to live your full potential in life.

Kundalini Yoga

Getting the most out of you

You become more open and step by step you learn how to get the most out of you. Also in daily life. You decide your pace and the intensity of your practice. You can see these practices as an exploration on how you want to move through life.

Creating freedom from within

Some kriyas (series) are strong and can be confronting, but the sense of freedom becomes bigger after having breathed through the challenging moments. You are never pushed and you learn how to understand and respect the messages of your body.

Connection between body, mind and soul

You strengthen your muscles, organs and nervous system. You learn how to control your mind, your concentration and focus improve, your hormones can balance and your energy flows. Sometimes you get surprised by a feeling that arises and you get to know yourself more. This way you can discover what an abundance there is inside of you and all of us!

Kundalini yoga to live fully and in alignment with what you are.

Why kundalini yoga?

This type of yoga can help to bring physical, mental and emotional balance. It is a tool to stay connected with your inner strength and to be in the world with an open heart. In the times of change we live in it is even more important to listen to the voice within and to act from this place when needed.

A healthy body

Kundalini yoga strengthens your muscles, gives flexibility, and helps to let your energy flow better. Your nervous system and organs are strengthened. The elements inside of you are balanced. This is a gradual and sometimes unconscious process, until you once notice that you feel different than before.

In connection with yourself

In the space that is opened, you experience yourself. There is room to observe your sensations, thoughts and emotions. Each time you become self-aware and this connection becomes deeper and deeper.

A clear mind

The rhythm in the exercises, the combination with mantras, meditation and breathwork, makes you integrate your thoughts and clear your mind. This is mostly the case when you do these exercises regularly, but you may already feel different at the end of a class.

Choosing from the core of your being

When you know what you feel, think and when you are in connection with your body, knowing who you are, often new choices are made and your reaction to your environment is different. Step by step you know what your place in life is and what approach and actions are in alignment with that. This might be a life long journey and there are many gifts along the way.

Vir as a yoga teacher

With 12 years of teaching experience, Vir opens a space where you can feel safe and where you can explore what happens inside of you. With confidence, patience, softness and strength, she guides the group or individual towards the experience that is needed in that moment. Vir works mostly intuitively and adds to her classes what others and life taught her. Besides that she sometimes uses musical instruments or her voice in her classes.

What others say

Words written with attention by people who regularly followed yoga classes, private classes and/or workshops. Many thanks to everyone’s input; I learn as much from you as you learn from me!

When I think about Vir and her classes, I feel only gratefulness. Grateful for all the wisdom, love, calmness and time that she puts in her classes and in the guidance besides the classes. Vir always creates a safe space in her classes where you can be yourself. Thank you for that!
Vir is a woman who has a connection with a treasure of beautiful kundalini yoga classes. She shares these with love, accompanied by beautiful meditations and music. She also sings softly to us. Online as well as in person, her classes are a treat for my body and soul. I have followed Vir for years with sometimes a pause. In the lockdown I also took online classes. It is special how she can turn these also into special and personal classes.
Vir’s classes are usually like a celebration. She comes well prepared to a class and “lives” Kundalini yoga, the Green Diet detox as it is natural for her. She rocks & her light shines from deep within.

Frequently asked questions

Hoe ziet een kundalini yoga les er uit?

In kundalini yoga we work with kriyas. These are series of excercises where you work towards a climax and a closing. After the kriya there is a relaxation, followed by a meditation.

There is often a theme in the class, for example an area in the body or a different subject as strength or intuition. In meditations beautiful techniques are used, for example pranayama (breath work), a single focus point, a mudra (hand posture) and/or a mantra.

Is kundalini yoga for everyone?

Kundalini yoga is for everyone who feels attracted to it and experiences that it adds something to his/her life. You don’t need to have experience to join a class. Neither you need to be “good” at it or flexible. Often there are other options for postures and everyone joins at his/her possibility. For women who are far in their pregnancy, pregnancy yoga is a better option. Feel free to ask me about my connections who teach this. Furthermore, it is a quite active yoga form. By experiencing it you

will know if it something for you or if you need a softer approach, for example yin yoga or restorative yoga.

Is kundalini yoga een religie?

Kundalini yoga is a very old type of yoga and not a religion. It is a discipline and as other types of yoga, it is developed as a preparation for deep meditation and to connect the “smaller self” (our personality, our body, our human) with our “infinite self” (the universal and eternal part in us, the part in us that is always awake and that will never die).

Most mantra’s in kundalini yoga are from a religion from India: Sikhism. But in yoga the meaning is interpreted in a more universal way. These words are used because of their power and sacredness. So within this practice there is space for every other tradiction and background.

Do I need to be a good singer to chant the mantra’s?

Unfortunately people often say about themselves and others, that you are a good or bad singer. While this has more to do with if you learned to open your own voice and throath chakra and if you learned to listen to a pure tone, without being judged or having to shut down. When you chant mantra’s you don’t need to do anything: you can listen to the words, whisper if you prefer and if you want to, you can chant out loud. By doing this more often your throath will open more and more and your voice becomes clear and “yours”.

Chanting is not singing: it is producing a sound and repeating short sentences, which gives a meditative effect. The vibration of your own sound creates a sound massage. By pronouncing these specific and sacred words, meridian points in the mouth are touched, which has a positive effect on the brain and on the movement of the energy in the body.

Is there an alternative for the croslegged position?

“Easy pose” is not easy for many people. If you can only apply it shortly, you can change position sometimes. And by doing it more often, your body gets used to it and you can stay in it longer with practice. You can also sit on your heels, optional with a blanket between your buttocks and feet. Many excercises can also be done on a chair if needed.

When you sit in easy pose / croslegged position, it can help to sit on a bolster or block and to put something soft under your knees, to relax the groin.

Is breath of fire hyperventilation?

Breath of fire is not hyperventilation . This only happens if you breathe the wrong way. In the classes you are guided to do breathe the right way. Because breath of fire is a quick breath, it can take some practice to make it your own. It is perfectly fine to start with a slower pace and to start with shorter times. If you are in doubt if you are breathing the right way, don’t hesitate to ask it to your instructor.