Rituals, Shamanism and experiences in nature

The ancient wisdom of the earth is present within us. With rituals and private sessions, the things you already knew deep inside, can come to the surface.

This sacred mountain (Apu) in Urubamba- Peru carries the original Quechua name ‘Wakay Willca’. The Spanish conquistadores gave it the name Veronica. Because of the beauty and power of this mountain and because she carries the same name, I feel a strong connection with it. ‘Wakay Willca’ means ‘sacred tear’. They think this is because of the melt water, but there are more interpretations and stories about Apu Veronica.


Individual sessions and rituals

Vir channels old wisdom that reminds you to something that you already knew inside. We do this through rituals and 1-1 sessions. Through the layers of distraction you can come to insights and clarity. Old cultures sometimes are still closer to the ancient wisdom that the earth and Spirit want us to hear. 

The wisdom always stays the same, but the way it is transmitted, differs from tradition and timeline. In the Andes in Peru, the Inkas learned very old rituals that derived from the ancient tradition of the Siberian shamans. This tradition is kept alive high in the mountains in the Q’eros villages. Only now, the healers (Paqo’s) are sharing their techniques, knowing that this wisdom in these times of chance is needed to stay in balance and to be able to transform according to what the times are asking from us to be.

These ceremonies are usually despacho ceremonies. These are offering made from flowers, leaves, seeds and other ingredients like sugar and cookies. The offerings are given to the spirits and to the earth. Usually during the ceremony there are prayers, intentions and expressions of gratefullness. Through this we restore the balance within ourselves and everything around us, seen and unseen, we reconnect, become aware of what we want to let go and / or invite into our lives. 

Within this tradition there are also techniques to rebalance the energy field. The one who gives it opens and passes on universal energy, so inside of a person a switch can take place. Here you often work with a personal theme or question. Usually you lie down and come into a deep state of relaxation. You receive an energy clearing and this can work in subtle layers inside.  

The switch is sometimes felt immediately, but often also later as a subtle new energy moving through you.

1-1 sessions

Rituals and rites of passage

A ritual can give depth and awareness to a special moment in our lives.

Maybe the letting go of a loved one, the start of a new job or reaching a specific age. 

  It can be also very valuable to take time to give thanks for your live and for the earth.   

You can request a ritual for yourself or a group. It can be in nature as well as inside. A ritual aways has it’s own time, but it will be less or more one and a half hour or two hours. 

Personal ritual: from €100,- pp. With 2 or 3 people, from €65 pp.

Excl. rent for a space if needed.

For groups: rate in consultation.

1-1 session

Shamanic energy clearing session ~ Shamanic session with gong afterwards

1-1 ritual of group ritual

A personal ritual for a special moment in your life. Outside, on location or maybe at home. You cal also request a ritual for a group.


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I have received several shamanic healings from Vir. Vir offers a warm bed in which you can feel completely welcome and safe to surrender to her powerful energy as a healer. Her alignment with you, your themes, and with Spirit and the greater whole is immensely pure and flawless. The effects of the healings have always been profound for me. I felt it on all layers of my being. Insights, clarity, harmony, letting go and connection. I was deeply touched, time after time. Thank you dear Vir for your wonderful and valuable contribution on my path.
I have had several shamanic healings with Vir and every time it has been a wonderful experience. An experience not only at that moment, but also the effect of it in the weeks afterwards. I have become more conscious, I feel lighter and feel the connection with everything and everyone.
The Despacho Ritual, VIr performes, connected me in a pure and joyful way to my dreams of a more beautiful world. It nurtured my true spiritual visions, inspired by the universal heart. I felt, during and afterwards, aligned with the earth and sustained by life forces and allies. My soul purpose felt high lightened and nurtured, my ancestral linage felt seen and helpful. This great moment of service, filled with concentration, prayer, connection and attentive doing enhanced my courage and focus to co-create life purpose.

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